Mission and Values

With more than twenty years of experience as Internet pioneers and first movers, we want to continue to be leaders of the digital revolution that is about to hit the country with increasing force, and – above all – we want to keep up with our mission, that is, to offer everyone equal and free access to digital life.

We have always been passionate about innovation, and we do think that placing freedom and transparency at the heart of every commercial proposal is just as fundamental, and this is why we always match simplicity with innovation in our offers.

We also want our customers to feel special, to feel like people and not mere numbers: we make sure to listen to their needs and we are committed every day to offering a more and more attentive and timely customer service.

Moreover, we do not forget what we owe to the world and the environment that surrounds us, promoting sustainable lifestyles and working methods, starting from our headquarters, located in a natural area of great value, which we take care of with love.

Because we really want to give our children a better future.