Tessellis qualifies itself as an industrial group rooted in the territory, innovative and projected into the future, whose business plan includes the development of the following main pillars:

Tessellis aims at consolidating its current positioning through an integrated offering of fixed, mobile and high value-added services for households, businesses and Public Administration through the Tiscali and Linkem brands.

Consumer Market 

The best connection anytime and anywhere at the right price and equal for everyone

Business Market

A dedicated offering with strong technological assets that accompanies businesses towards digital transition

As of today:

  • We are the only company with agreements with all Wholesale operators (Fiber and 5G)
  • We have a proprietary customer care
  • We are among the top players in the ultrabroadband market in the fastest growing technologies: FTTH (Fiber To The Home) and FWA (Fixed Wireless Access)

Having joined Open Fiber’s offer for areas C and D of the country, Tiscali Italia was among the first operators to offer FTTH services with a capacity of up to 1 Giga to citizens and businesses established in the so-called extended digital gap areas. Tiscali Italia is able to offer ultrabroadband services to about 29 million households and businesses, including about 10 million with FTTH technology. The company also boosted the sales of FWA and FWA 5G service on Linkem network with speeds up to 100Mb, enabling the offer of ultrabroadband connectivity to a potential market of about 17 million households and businesses.

Training and Work in Prison

Thanks to the collaboration and merger with the Linkem Group, under a memorandum of understanding of the “Prison Labor” Program created as a result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Digital Transformation, the “Rework Laboratories” project dedicated to training and work in prisons was designed and implemented. The initiative was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Prison of Lecce, the Women’s Prison of Rome Rebibbia “Germana Stefanini” and the Prison of Cagliari Uta “E.Scalas” which allowed the installation of the companies’ laboratories inside the penitentiary institutions. The project is divided into two phases: the first consisting of a specialized training program at the end of which certificates are issued with the qualification of “Linkem and Tiscali electronic equipment regeneration officer”; the second involving the possibility for inmates and female inmates to sign a direct employment contract with Linkem S.p.A. and Tiscali Italia S.p.A. Linkem has hired 13 inmates at the prison of Lecce and 12 female inmates at the Rebibbia prison, while Tiscali recently hired 8 inmates at the Cagliari prison.

This new division plays a key role on the innovation front: with its services, portals, and platforms it serves as an aggregator for a community of more than 15 million unique users. The Unit has three separate but related areas of activity.

Web Portals

The first is that of Web Portals. The Tiscali News Portal, created in 1999, was one of the first registered online newspapers in Italy and to date ranks among the top 10 Italian digital newspapers. According to Audiweb certified data, it ranks as the seventh largest Italian portal by page views, with more than 10 million visitors and 250 million page views per month. The internal editorial staff is made up of 12 journalists and more than 100 external collaborators, including some prestigious “signatures” of Italian journalism. Every day the Portal publishes over 500 contents including articles, videos and photo galleries, from which several vertical digital newspapers aimed at differentiated targets of users originate. These include “Gamesurf,” aimed at millennials, a true reference point for Gaming and Entertainment, and “Milleunadonna” already among the top 20 titles aimed at the female audience.

Digital Platforms

The second area of activity is represented by digital platforms.

The first, most significant, and among the first ones in Italy, is the Mail service. Today it connects more than 1.4 million active addresses. Users are offered a customized opportunity to access news and formats of their interest and group services. The second platform is Tiscali Shopping. A digital shopping mall that allows not only to buy via web and via call, but also to delve, with dedicated content created by in-house editorial staff, into the stories and entrepreneurial adventures behind the products offered. The third platform is Tagliacosti, a comparator that, in collaboration with other web portals, provides access to advantageous conditions in the acquisition of energy and insurance.

Veesible, the advertising concessionaire of Tessellis

The third area of activity, which ties together all others in the division and represents the fundamental booster in value creation is Veesible, the advertising concessionaire of TESSELLIS.

Veesible, whose establishment was approved by Tiscali’s Board of Directors on July 8, 2022, is now an autonomous and independent company, which is also owned by prestigious publishing companies and content providers. Its mission is to attract online advertising investment to the Group’s properties, partners and publishers that have mandated it. To do this, it makes use of a mix of cutting-edge technological features and a system of platforms and assets in synergy with each other, enabling it to stand out from its competitors. Veesible does not want to be a “traditional” dealership, but a valuable booster in the Tessellis mosaic and an “incubator” capable of supporting partners in systemizing their assets in the digital world.

Future Communities is Tessellis’ innovation program dedicated to the development of new business models for the digital transformation of enterprises and public administrations. It is a true innovation and business development hub within which tools, platforms and vertical services are created, developed and deployed.

Future Communities represents a virtuous example of Open Innovation thanks to the collaboration of innovative start-ups, research centers and industrial partners in the creation of high value-added services that can accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and territories.

Tessellis has chosen an inclusive and participatory innovation model, which starts from the analysis of concrete needs to the development of integrated solutions that also enable the transfer of new skills. The achievement of Future Communities’ goals is supported by:

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab for the scouting, investment and development of projects and new applications focused on specific vertical sectors deemed strategic from a Smart Cities and PNRR perspective

Innovation Factory 

Innovation Factory for engineering and commercial testing of innovative services designed and technologically validated by the Innovation Lab

Industrial Synergies

The ecosystem enabled by Future Communities is further accelerated by the industrial synergies also developed through the consolidation of corporate entities such as: 

3PITALIA: specialized in the design and development of multi-year projects in Public Private Partnerships for the acceleration of digital in territories. 

AETHERNA: leader of digital transformation in the hospitality sector that develops and offers innovative solutions capable of increasing the competitiveness of hospitality facilities. 

CONNECTING PROJECT: an Italian company specializing in offering integrated, high value-added solutions dedicated to telecommunications retail operators

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