Our commitment to Privacy

What we do & How we do it.

We work to ensure regulatory compliance, confidentiality and protection of personal data by adopting the most appropriate security safeguards. Constant updating allows us to be compliant with the law and data protection provisions in order to ensure innovative technological solutions that respect our clients’ personal data. We facilitate the easy exercise of privacy rights by data subjects, ensuring prompt and timely handling of requests by our Team of experts. We spread privacy culture through ad hoc training plans for all colleagues, which take into account the specific responsibilities and different tasks entrusted to them in the area of personal data processing.

Privacy is a fundamental right of the individual and one of the core values on which we base our business.

Personal data is a valuable asset and our commitment is to ensure its confidentiality and maximum protection. Privacy is a reputational asset for us, and we work constantly to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

We place data subjects at the center of our work, establishing a relationship of trust and acting with utmost fairness and transparency with respect to the processing of their data, in application of the principles set by the relevant regulations.

We issue simple and understandable information to data subjects in a way that makes them aware, in a timely manner, of how we process their personal data, enabling them to give, where necessary, fully free, explicit, informed and specific consent to data processing. Data subjects will be able to change their choices with respect to the processing of personal data at any time and to exercise their privacy rights quickly and easily, thanks to the support in our highly specialized team. We process personal data lawfully, for pre-identified purposes and on well-defined legal grounds, in compliance with the regulations.

Our connection is secure, just as our customers’ data are secure: we constantly strive to provide suitable security safeguards and an adequate level of protection to safeguard the personal data of those concerned.

We have cross-functional processes in which we are involved at the forefront in order to choose the right strategy to ensure the highest standards in all Group activities.

Our connection travels fast, personal data does not! That’s why we constantly strive to respond swiftly to all the new technological challenges facing us in this area, putting in place risk-appropriate technical and organizational measures and adequately protecting personal data.

These are our commitments to Privacy!